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Business Cards

"Business cards are the staple of networking and advertising. Having been in existence since the 17th Centurty they are roughly 300 years old and to this day we still use them in the business world. 


Having your own business cards isn't just a means of giving someone your contact information, it also gives them the very first impression of you, and of how seriously you take your business. Sending a business card home with someone leaves them with a visual & physical reminder of who to call when they need your services or products.


Many people believe that it is the bottom & most basic form of advertising their business. But they don't realise as they print out their paper thin pre-perfed avery cards or order their Vista print products what they are truely passing off to their future customer. Are you just another peice of paper? Or do you stand out in the pile, do you crumple and rip or survive years of wear and tear? Maybe these tools truely do say more about you than you had thought."

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